April 21-22, 2017


Committee Members

Our mission is to create a successful urban agriculture expo in Georgia for home and community-based growing and small farms that educates the public on the importance of urban farming to increase food supply for the future.

Committee Chair: Ellis Lamme, Upper Ocmulgee River RC&D Council

Chuck Graham, Gwinnett County Water Resources

Don Gravitt, Gwinnett County

Stan Kirk, President Cobb County Farm Bureau

Phyllis Lamme, McFarland, Dyer & Associates

Bill Lovelace, President Master Gardeners Cobb Co.

Nigel Pritchard, Board Member

Don Wardlaw, Upper Ocmulgee River RC&D Council

Woody Snell, Georgia Association of Conservation Districts

Cobb County SWCD

DeKalb County SWCD

Fulton County SWCD

Gwinnett County SWCD